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Webinar 2021 - HindCyc

Webinar 2021 – HindCyc: Risk Assessment and Real-time Event Response

Learn more about Reask’s HindCyc tropical cyclone product, providing detailed risk assessment and real-time event response for TC events everywhere in the world.

Following our successful webinar series and busy event response service in 2020, we present this webinar to explain and demonstrate our HindCyc and HindCyc Premium services beginning in the upcoming 2021 Northern Hemisphere season.

Join Reask co-founder Nick Hassam as he takes you through the underpinning methodology for our HindCyc product and view live demonstrations of the service in action. This is followed by a live Q & A where we answer questions on HindCyc. Watch and learn more about the power of HindCyc!

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