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Instech in London: Tropical Cyclone - Managing Tomorrow's Climate Risk Today

InsTech in London: Tropical Cyclone – Managing Tomorrow’s Climate Risk Today

Reask are pleased to sponsor the Instech in London event:

Tropical Cyclone – Managing Tomorrow’s Climate Risk Today

Date and Time: Tuesday, November 1, 2022 – 16:30 to 20:00
Event Venue: 10 South Pl, CodeNode, London, EC2M 7EB

Recent events have proved the growing impact of climate change on extreme weather, and there is in addition an increased focus at Board level on the environmental element of ESG.

As a result of this, insurers and the wider financial services industry have a greater need than ever to understand the combined risk of floods and hurricanes, and how the intensity of both will change and correlate in years to come.

We will be supported by speakers from Fathom Oasis Loss Modelling Framework, Vave and Brit Insurance to review the key drivers of change. We will hear how insurers are taking account of this for underwriting and portfolio management and we will be joined by some of the companies providing climate analytics and data.

The learning objectives for this event are:

  1. Learn about developments that enable insurers to have more confidence in modelling future climate risk
  2. The interaction of cyclone and flood risk and how this has evolved. 
  3. Use cases and advise from insurers and capital markets companies using climate modelling tools and analytics

To attend the event, register here.

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