We redefine boundaries

We are curious and creative, and we seek to push the boundaries of knowledge.

We build on science

We are passionate about developing and applying cutting-edge science to real-world challenges and making a positive impact through our work.

We communicate openly

We believe in transparency and open communication as essential foundations of trust.

We succeed together

We embrace collaboration, we support each other, and we roll our sleeves up to get the job done


Reask brings a broad range of expertise from the fields of numerical modelling, data science, high-performance computing and insurance.

Jamie Rodney

Jamie Rodney

As leader of Reask, Jamie is concerned with all aspects of driving our business forward with innovative and practical products for the market. With extensive commercial experience underpinned by academic success, Jamie embodies Reask’s combined ambition of scientific excellence and pragmatic solutions.

Leadership and Strategy
Contact Jamie to understand more about how our solutions address market needs

Thomas Loridan Risk Modelling Solutions

Thomas Loridan

Thomas leads the development of our global risk models, with a slight obsession for all things machine learning. Having built several tropical cyclone risk models for the cat modelling industry, Thomas has a strong understanding of the strength and limitations of current model solutions. His job at Reask is to make sure we get rid of these limitations.

Risk Modeling Solutions
Contact Thomas for guidance and advice on our range of catastrophe risk products and services

Louise Braybrooke

Understanding our complex market requires extensive experience and a pragmatic approach to achieve success. As a specialist in Technical Sales, Account Management and Customer Success in the catastrophe and geospatial analytics vertical, Louise has deep industry knowledge and a strong market network leading our growth across the globe.

Client Success
Contact Louise to learn how we can help your understanding of climate and catastrophe risk

Innocent Ndoda

Innocent Ndoda

To bring our world class services to market in an efficient and effective way, we need the best understanding of how to combine our financial structure and investment strategy. Fortunately Innocent has been helping leading technology companies understand this  over the last 20 years, and we’re blessed to have him on our team.

Finance and Investment Strategy
Contact Innocent to understand more about our financial framework and investment strategy

David Schmid - Head of Parametric Products

David Schmid

With the increasing importance of parametric solutions in the global insurance market, Reask are delivering solutions that ensure sound science underpins critical risk transfer mechanisms. David brings to Reask experience in developing and structuring innovative parametric Nat Cat solutions for the world’s leading risk carriers.

Parametric Products
Contact David to understand how our parametric products can bring solutions to the insurance market

Stephanie Powell - Head of Relationships

Stephanie Powell

Servicing our customers and clients demands the most dedicated professionals in the market, which is why Stephanie is our Head of Relationships. Stephanie brings more than 18 years of experience in the insurance and catastrophe analytics space to define our relationships with our clients across the world. 

Relationship Management
Contact Stephanie to learn more about how we support our clients and the insurance market 

Jacqueline Willis - Sales Director, Financial Institutions

Jacqueline Willis

Understanding the impact of climate risk on financial services industry requires intimate industry experience and practical execution. Jackie brings extensive experience of guiding financial institutions through the challenges associated with a changing climate.

Financial Institutions
Contact Jackie to learn more about our Financial Institution products and services

Nico Bruneau - Head of Research

Nico Bruneau

Our models are only as good as the data they are built on. Nico has developed our automated knowledge discovery engine, using state-of-the-art methods from the field of image processing and pattern recognition. Beyond mining global earth system data, Nico oversees the research around our new generation of innovative catastrophe models.

Earth System Data
Contact Nico for deep understanding of the underlying components of our models

Nic Hannah

Nic Hannah

High-performance computing lies at the heart of our proposition. As Chief Technology Officer and founder of Reask natural hazard repository InCyc, Nic brings a wealth of expertise in the use of distributed and super-computing capability from his experience in environmental modelling as a software engineer and scientific programmer.

High Performance Computing
Contact Nic for learning more about our technology platform

Ryan Pranantyo - Catastrophe Model Developer

Ignatius Ryan Pranantyo

With multi-disciplinary knowledge and experience in ocean, tsunami, and surge modelling, Ryan brings more than 10 years of research experience to Reask, collaborating with respected academic and governmental organisations across Indonesia, Australia and the UK. As one of our Catastrophe Model Developers, Ryan will help advance Reask’s product offerings.

Catastrophe Model Development
Contact Ryan to learn more about how we translate science into insight

Balaji Mani - Senior Catastrophe Model Developer

Balaji Mani

Understanding why our models accurately represent the risks they characterise is as difficult as building the models themselves. Balaji is an experienced practitioner of model development and evaluation and brings a well-deserved reputation for excellence in delivering world-class solutions to market

Catastrophe Model Development
Contact Balaji to understand how our models bring the best science to market

Fabio Sato - Principal Software Engineer

Fabio Sato

Leading the charge in our engineering team, Fabio brings extensive experience across all aspects of data science, software engineering and technology. Of immense importance is his knowledge of applying Machine Learning to environmental modelling problems.

Software Engineering
Contact Fabio to learn more about how our products are built and delivered to our client base

Nick Hassam

Nick is an expert in the application of technology to the global re/insurance industry to better understand the impact of natural catastrophes, and has over 20 years’ professional experience. In close collaboration with our team, partners and clients, Nick is helping define the future of catastrophe modelling.

Commercial Operations
Contact Nick to discuss operational arrangements, commercial partnerships and implementing our solutions in your business

Laura Owens - Catastrophe Model Developer

Laura Owen

Bringing research experience from the UK’s finest academic institutions, Laura is helping us define the science underpinning our market-leading models. With a strong background in Mathematics and having recently completed a PhD in the subject, Laura is helping us model the extremes of the weather and climate.


Catastrophe Model Development
Contact Laura to understand how mathematics defines our risk models

Joseph Lockwood - Intern - Catastrophe Model Developer

Joseph Lockwood

Developing the human resources to build the climate risk models of the future means finding the newest and brightest academics for our internship program. Joseph brings knowledge and research experience across geophysics and atmospheric science from the leading academic institutions in the UK and US.

Catastrophe Model Development
Contact Joseph to see how we’re implementing leading academic research into our products


Eugene Dubossarsky

When it comes to leveraging the latest advances in machine learning, we understand there is no faking it. That’s why we turned to the best for advice and mentoring. Eugene has over 20 years of experience playing with neural nets and the likes, and we are proud to have him as Reask’s in house AI guru.

AI and Innovation
Contact Eugene to understand how data science can better service your organisation

Daniel Swain

Daniel Swain

As a pre-eminent climate scientist, Daniel holds joint appointments within UCLA’s Institute of the Environment and Sustainability, as a research fellow in the Capacity Center for Climate and Weather Extremes at the National Center for Atmospheric Research, and as the California Climate Fellow at The Nature Conservancy.

Climate Science
Contact Daniel to understand how Reask use climate data to quantify catastrophic risk

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