Our clients come from all aspects of the risk industry, from global insurance and reinsurance firms, to ILS fund managers and government departments.

The common thread amongst all our customers is a desire to better understand natural hazards, and to develop a collaborative approach to solving their business challenges.

Partner with Us

We believe that the best solution for any organisation comes through collaboration. Here at reask we pride ourselves on developing strong relationships with our clients and suppliers

Partner with us and develop customised solutions to your organisation’s specific needs

  • Want to quantify your risk with regard to some specific metric, geography or time frame? Let’s team up and develop the ideal solution to your problem.
  • We’ll take you through the technical bits so you can focus on the application potential.
  • All our solutions can be seamlessly integrated into your organization’s workflow via easy API delivery options.

Contact us to understand how we can help your business better understand hazard risk.