Natural catastrophe modeling solutions aspire to capture very complex physics and still remain efficient enough to allow simulation of millions of events. Our approach to that challenge is built around two pillars:

  • Our own repository of high resolution numerical simulations (HazDat)
  • Efficient machine learning solutions trained on HazDat
    Global catastrophe risk models

    All our base models are global in scope ensuring you get a consistent and connected risk assessment worldwide.

    • Fully connected view of risk, with explicit correlation across regions thanks to our innovative climate connection features.
    • Region specific, global and most advanced wind model in the industry
    Tropical cyclone risk trend forecasting

    From analysis of complex climate connection patterns, we are able to update our views of risk at the seasonal scale.  

    • Climate conditioned tropical cyclone event sets, updated every Spring + monthly through the active seasons.
    • Short to medium term forecasting solutions for tropical cyclone activity
    Natural hazard and climate data portal

    Access our proprietary database of high-resolution numerical simulations for raw analysis or internal model development

    • Direct access to the raw data fields via API
    • Pre-processed dataset in a range of format.
    • On demand data generation projects.