Global and Connected

From analysis of complex climate teleconnection patterns we are able to provide a global and connected view of risk, so you don't have to work with only half the picture anymore.

  • All our base models are global in scope ensuring you get a consistent and connected assessment worldwide.
  • Inputs from current state of the climate continuously inform likely trends in seasonal risk.
Innovative and Distributed

We apply state-of-the-art machine learning methods to hazard assessment and deliver our solutions in the way your organisation best consumes risk information. 

  • Integrated into the heart of your business process
  • Web app and API delivery options
  • We won't put yet another software platform in front of you!
Predictive and Evolving

The world is changing – and our views of risk move beyond a static solution to advance with your business goals as they evolve. 

  • Get an edge on risk markets with our seasonal to inter-annual probabilistic risk predictions
  • Diversify your risk globally
  • Price your risk dynamically