Number of Affected People – A Vague Measure

The lack of a standardized measure to report in a timely manner the impact of tropical cyclones is discussed in this blog, using the example of the tropical cyclones Batsirai 2022 and Freddy 2023 hitting Madagascar. The current reporting methods provide various figures, such as the number of people affected or displaced, without indicating the dimension of the severity. This deficit of coherence and clarity can lead to confusion and misinterpretation of the situation. The following blog suggests a comprehensive and comparable measure to report the impact of tropical cyclones and highlights the importance of providing quick liquidity for disaster relief measures.

InCyc: A Global Tropical Cyclone Insights Database
InCyc historical Tropical Cyclones simulated as of September 2019

InCyc: A Global Tropical Cyclone Insights Database

Introducing InCyc, a global database of over 200 high-resolutions Tropical Cyclone simulations. reask is using this, along with our machine learning technology, to create the next generation of TC risk products.

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