Global Risk Mapping & Forecasting

From tail risk assessment to probabilistic trend forecasting and event reconstructions our solutions cover all aspect of natural catastrophe risk analytics.

Our Products

DeepCyc –
Global Probabilistic Hazard Model

Incorporating the deep technology from across our research and development, DeepCyc provides a high-resolution probabilistic view of tropical cyclone risk everywhere in the world.


  1. Current Climate View
  2. 20k-year/100k-year
  3. Annual Updates
  4. Global Coverage
  5. 1-km Resolution
  6. Terrain-corrected

ForeCyc –
Climate-Adjusted Probabilistic Hazard

Extending on our ability to build climate driven models for present day risk, ForeCyc allows us to look forward, leveraging alternative climate forcing conditions to adjust our view of risk.


  1. Seasonal/Future Climate
  2. Monthly Updates
  3. Consistent with DeepCyc
  4. Landfall trends forecast
  5. Global Coverage