AI for extreme
weather risk

Reask helps your organization forecast its exposure to catastrophic events anywhere and everywhere.

Global Catastrophe Risk Mapping

Understand the likely risk from natural catastrophes across the globe using our probabilistic hazard maps, historical and stochastic event catalogues. Our globally connected AI modelling approach allows high resolution analysis of risk correlations across regions and perils.

Near Term Risk Trend Forecasting

How likely is the coming summer to provide above average hurricane risk in Florida? How does that relate to typhoon risk in Japan? Drought risk in Australia? Thanks to our AI selected climate patterns we can project likely risk trends for the season ahead and assist your organisation in adjusting its view.

From immediate event response to future climate risk projections our AI modelling framework maps hazard risk globally, hours to decades from now


Global probabilistic hazard risk mapping & event catalogue.



Risk trend forecasting using AI selected global climate signals.



Tropical cyclone wind maps available immediately at landfall.


Tropical cyclone wind maps for parametric insurance triggers.

Clients & Partners

Our clients come from all aspects of the risk industry, from global insurance and reinsurance firms, to ILS fund managers and government departments.

The Team

Our team brings a broad range of expertise from the fields of numerical modelling, data science and insurance.

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