We use cutting edge data science to quantify earth system risk

reask services the global insurance industry in the fields of catastrophe risk management, modelling and forecasting

State-of-the-art data science applied to hazard risk assessment

Natural catastrophe risk modelling tools have evolved

With advanced machine learning capabilities and ever-increasing computing power, the methodologies for better understanding catastrophe risk are improving.

Seasonal trend forecasting for insurance risk markets

Today’s risk transfer mechanisms require a dynamic view of hazard risk

Are current climate conditions likely to impact your risk in the short to medium term? Our seasonal views of risk are specifically designed for dynamic risk market players.


Our team brings a broad range of expertise from the fields of numerical modelling, data science and insurance.


Balancing complex physics and computational efficiency, our approach uses high resolution hazard data and machine learning.


Our clients come from all aspects of the risk industry, from global insurance and reinsurance firms, to ILS fund managers and government departments.

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