Catastrophe risk analytics anywhere and everywhere

reask helps your organisation understand its exposure to catastrophic events around the world

Tail risk analytics

Natural catastrophe risk modelling tools have evolved

Assess the likelihood and severity of rare catastrophic events anywhere, thanks to reask’s globally connected framework and machine learning approach to climate pattern extraction.

Probabilistic forecasting

Today’s risk transfer mechanisms require a dynamic view of hazard risk

With seasonal risk trends, imminent threat response and precise hazard prediction maps, reask’s technology is bridging the gap between catastrophe modelling and operational forecasting.


Our team brings a broad range of expertise from the fields of numerical modelling, data science and insurance.


From tail risk assessment to probabilistic forecasting and event reconstructions our solutions cover all aspect of natural catastrophe risk analytics.


Our clients come from all aspects of the risk industry, from global insurance and reinsurance firms, to ILS fund managers and government departments.

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